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Why are the price gaps between different solar street lamp manufacturers?

Led solar street lights are used as road lighting fixtures. When purchasing, customers are looking for multiple dealers or manufacturers to conduct price inquiry. However, the result is: Why do the same appearance and the same power of the lamps, but the price difference between different manufacturers? Today, we will tell you the reason for this problem!

solar street lamp manufacturers

First of all, we must start with the composition of the lamps:
Solar LED Street lamps consist of: lamp housing, led chip, aluminum substrate, solar panel , battery, controller and workmanship.
The same lamp shell, different manufacturers make different materials, some are appreciable appearance, thickness quality can not be guaranteed, poor use for one year, light decay is very large.
LED chip, this is also the main gap, the same power with different chip brand and different efficacy chips, the effect is definitely different, commonly used is Cree, Bridgelux, Philips/Lumileds, Osram, Epistar, but it is difficult to distinguish between true and false.
The price of different manufacturers of aluminum substrates is also different, and the price determines the quality.
Also main part of the solar panel , it depends on which brand used,and that is monocrystalline or polycrystalline panel will be different light absorption efficiency.
The batteries are vary from types of lithium iron phosphate battery or ternary lithium battery or lead-acid battery or gel battery,and the actual capacity.
It is workmanship, different manufacturers, workmanship is not the same, some work fine, and some work is poor.
If require to be complementary to local electric supply , that will require extra power supply. Even the brands of constant current sources are different, the prices are different, the quality is different, and the constant current source affects the stability of the lamps.
This is to ask what the same led solar street lamp products have a certain price disparity in different production plants, then how to confirm the quality of solar led street lamp products, this is to choose the LED solar street lamp manufacturers. Is it cheaper to lose money and lose customers? What is the greater losses?
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