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To list 11 points of solar street lights issues

solar street lamps

Solar street lights have been hit by wind and rain all the year round. If you want to use it for a long time in this wind and rain, there are 11 issues that require special attention.

11 points that solar street lights should be paid attention to:

(1) Anti-corrosion of all exposed parts of solar street lamps;

(2) Wind resistance of all connected components of solar street lamps;

(3) Anti-birding of solar panels;

(4) Anti-theft of solar panels;

(5) Rain protection of street lamps in and out of the line and control room;

(6) Winter insulation of the battery and cooling in summer;

(7) Ventilation of the battery compartment;

(8) Waterproofing of the battery compartment;

(9) Anti-theft of the battery;

(10) LED street lamp heads are protected from rain, insects and moths;

(11) LED street light head should be easy to repair and replace.

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