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Three factors affecting the luminaire of solar led lighting system

There are many all in one solar street light manufacturer of solar street lamps in the market, and the products are diverse. That will result in many consumers have no idea how to choose the led luminaire. At present, the difference in solar street lamp on the market is also relatively large. What are the factors that affect the headlights of solar street lamps? The following small series will give you a detailed introduction.

solar led street light fixture

1, Lamp beads: LED chips is to use Cree/ Bridgelux /Osram/ Lumileds /Philips/ Epistar imported chips, high brightness and long life.

2, Heat dissipation: solar led street lamp adopted excellent aluminum material and with good heat dissipation . In the hot summer, the lamp head needs heat. If the heat is not good, it will cause the LED light to decay quickly. The heat dissipation of the lamp head determines the light decay of the LED lamp, so it also determines the service life of the LED lamp.

3, Lighting distribution: solar led street light fixture bead is through the secondary light distribution. If the secondary light distribution is not performed, the light effect is not good, and the brightness of the illumination is not uniform. Therefore, there are many products with uneven quality on the market, and the prices are different, so you can't just look at the price.Not only you have to look at the quality of the lamp beads, but also there is a secondary lighting distribution factor.

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