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The necessity of using solar led street lights

During the day, the solar cell module generates current through the sunlight or the current generated by the wind turbine, and the controller charges the battery. When the sky is gradually dark, the controller automatically converts the charging function into a discharging function, and the battery supplies power to the light source, and is controlled by the battery. The lighting time and lighting method of the light source are controlled, and the size of the solar battery module and the battery configuration determines the length of the lighting time.

solar lighting

Therefore, solar lighting should be installed in areas with strong sunlight. In that areas, not only industrial electricity is used in the summer, but also household appliances use electricity, and electricity shortages often occur. It is necessary to regulate the phenomenon of periodic power outages and seriously disrupt social development. Therefore, in that areas, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly solar street lights should be used to save most of the electricity used by nighttime lighting, and each household can also try to allocate batteries according to the electricity consumption of their own households. It is believed that the solar power system that will soon be popularized will enable more people to enjoy the benefits of new and green energy.

This will save the pollution caused by thermal power generation and the huge losses caused by power generation.

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