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The Development Trend Of Solar Street Lamp

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Solar street lights have been greatly developed in recent years because of their energy saving, environmental protection, and easy installation and maintenance. The market is extremely hot and the competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Some solar street lamp manufacturers are beginning to brew out and the industry development has begun to enter the second half. 2018 will be a watershed in the solar streetlight industry, and the industry will see a drastic change in the next few years.

Industry dilemma:

With the great advancement of new rural construction in recent years, the new rural areas have become the main market for solar street lamps. However, many of the new rural solar street lights are currently purchased by the government, and some are poverty alleviation projects. The purchasers and end users are not the same group.

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Moreover, the use of street lamps in rural areas is not high, and the lack of supervision has led to the proliferation of a large number of low-quality solar street lamps in the new rural areas. Some of the bad manufacturers shoddy, low-cost vicious competition. In addition, after the solar street lamps are placed in the vast rural areas, the coverage is wide and scattered, and the maintenance of the latter is very difficult.

As a result, after a year or two of solar street lights were put into place in many places, the warranty period expired, and immediately faced with the problem of large-scale light-off and no maintenance. Secondly, solar street lamps have not been able to achieve major technological breakthroughs for a long time, and low-cost and disorderly competition has seriously restricted the development of the industry.

For a long time, solar street lamps have been subject to urban infrastructure such as high-rise buildings, resulting in less solar radiation, insufficient light source power to meet the higher lighting requirements of the city, etc., which makes solar street lamps difficult to be widely used in cities. However, the technical requirements for solar street lamps in the vast rural areas are not high, leading to slower technological advancement and breakthroughs in the industry. Secondly, in order to prevent corruption, the government has to win the lowest bid, and the manufacturer has to compress the cost and produce no good products; but the government recognizes the problems and is ready to make corrections. Second, the competent authorities have done more to the government's funds in order to play a greater role, and lower prices to purchase. In the end, unscrupulous manufacturers simply do not have brand awareness and social responsibility. After a few years, they re-registered a new company and continued to do evil, disrupting the solar market.

Future trend research:

First: street lights are more energy efficient and the technical content is constantly improving:

In order to solve the problem of short life of solar street lamps, better intelligent control technology and more efficient photoelectric conversion efficiency are needed. One of the intelligent control technologies enhances the efficiency of power usage, and both serve to protect the battery. The short service life of solar street lamps mainly lies in the protection and improper use of the battery, that is, controlling the deep charge and discharge of the battery. The second is to improve the luminous efficiency of the light source. The first way is to use more efficient luminescent materials, but currently there is little room for energy efficiency improvement of LED street lamps. Then it is necessary to make reasonable use of electric energy through the control device. So in this part, the controller is the key.

The controller adopts digital control technology, and the equivalent configuration controller can save 80% of power, and utilizes electric energy reasonably to effectively protect the battery. The lifespan of their products has also been greatly improved. Generally, their street lamps are extended by 3-5 times longer than conventional solar street lamps.

Second: Street lights are intelligent and integrated into the Internet of Things technology: In the future, with the development of smart cities, more intelligent technologies will be integrated with street lights. The street lamps are placed in various streets of the city. At present, most of the villages are also equipped with solar street lights, which is an excellent smart device carrier.

The development of technology enables the remote control and self-checking function of street lamps to be realized. It can also effectively join traffic, security, culture and entertainment equipment, and integrate into the Internet of Things technology to make street lamps serve the society more efficiently.

Third: Street lights will be more integrated into cultural elements: Customization of street lamps is a major feature of the industry. However, the current homogenization of solar street lamps is serious. In order to cope with the bidding price, solar street lamps are generally simple in shape, and street lamps with design sense are copied from each other. Customized solar street lights with artistic and cultural connotations will be a major trend in the future.

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