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Sonesolar tells you how to choose a good Led solar garden light

1, The choice of lamp type:

The lighting of solar led garden lights should be reasonable. It is necessary to pay attention to the function of the garden, as well as the size and shape, to determine the type of light distribution of the lamps. It needs to be selected to match, and the style is consistent. LED solar garden lights that show better decorative effects.

IP65 3000LM led solar garden light

2, The lighting effect of the lamp:

When purchasing solar led garden lights, pay attention to the luminaires. Under the condition of meeting the glare limitation, for the LED light source that can only meet the visual function lighting, direct type light distribution lamps and open type lamps should be adopted, and most of them are now the LED light source has a relatively high efficiency and a long life.

3. Select for easy maintenance:

The daily maintenance of solar led garden lights is a relatively cumbersome thing, so we must pay attention to the choice of which kind of LED solar garden lights that are convenient for maintenance, are not easy to run, and have lower operating costs, reduce maintenance, and reduce labor costs. .

4. Pay attention to special places:

Some parks have a slightly special environment, such as being damp or corrosive. Therefore, when selecting solar led garden lights, you should also pay attention to the actual situation and try to select lamps that meet the needs of special environments.

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