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Solar LED street lamps illuminate the countryside

A solar LED street lamp stands on the side of the village road. The villagers take a leisurely walk under the streetlights and the children play under the streetlights... This is what the people in the mountain villages see.

integrated solar street lights

In the past few years, in the mountains, everyone can only go home to rest at dusk, children can not find playmates, there is no place for leisure and entertainment, but in Kunming, municipal-level ecological village creation, whole village promotion, counterpart support and other projects Nearly 10 villages in Xundian used solar LED street lights.

After the commercial solar street lights were installed in the village, the black-painted roads at night became bright and bright. We were more convenient to travel at night. Looking at the newly installed solar streetlights standing in front of the door, the villagers from Xiaoqiao Village of Hekou Town are very exciting .

Xiaoqiao Village is a small village with only 40 villagers in the jurisdiction of Luchong Village Committee of Hekou Town, Xundian County. In the early stage, due to the lack of street lighting in the village, the village was dark in the evening, and the flashlight became an indispensable tool for villagers to travel. "The family members walked in the village, and a flashlight did not leave." one of the villager said that this saying is the testimony of the villagers' difficulties in traveling at night. Like the Xundian County, it has the street lighting, which has become the wish of the villagers in Xiaoqiao Village.

Today, the wishes of the villagers in Xiaoqiao Village have become a reality. Since the beginning of this year, 10pcs solar led street lights have been installed in Xiaoqiao Village, Hekou Town, Xundian County. When the night falls, the solar street lights, which are about 100 meters apart, illuminate the roads that enter and exit the village. The villagers no longer need flashlights at night. Each street light bulb has a "big cap" above it - a solar panel that converts daylight energy into electricity and stores it in the battery for night lighting. Compared with ordinary street lamps, solar street lamps are characterized by energy saving, environmental protection, safety, low installation cost and convenient maintenance.

The installation of solar street lights not only ended the history of streetlights in Xiaoqiao Village, but also provided convenience for the villagers to travel at night. It also provided convenience for the villagers to relax after a meal. "Before, it was dark, and I couldn't go anywhere. I could only stay at home. Now I have integrated solar street lights. In the evening, we can go around the door and let everyone play. It is safe for the elderly and children to go out at night." the villagers said.

In the poverty-stricken mountainous areas of the world, there is such a night-time tranquility. Guangzhou Osleder Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Guangzhou, China. It is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the development of new energy products. It is committed to the development of efficient energy-saving products, which are already in the world. Urban lighting and new rural construction have been effectively promoted and applied, we believe that our products will play a greater role in the construction of mountain villages.

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