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Solar garden light design in different places— Sonesolar lights are customized for you

With the development of social economy, people pay more and more attention to environmental protection and energy conservation. Coupled with the government's efforts to promote energy-saving and environmental protection products, more and more solar garden lights are applied to the communities and parks we can see everywhere. The lighting design of solar garden lights is particularly important in densely populated areas such as schools. Parks, communities, schools installed solar garden lights pay attention to the installation location of the lights, lighting time, the design height of the poles and the selection of lamps, these aspects are very important, below the sonesolar will introduce the solar garden lights in Precautions in design and installation.

solar garden lighting

1. Light type selection solar garden light should be designed according to different installation places, and the corresponding light type should be designed in the park. The light should be designed in bright colors, white or dark green. The lamp type can be designed into antique, modern style. Everything, the community and the school are designed in a modern style, and the color is sprayed into black or white.

2. Lighting time design solar garden lights lighting time, determines his cost, so we have to design according to different places, different time, as long as the lighting needs can be met, the general park and school after 11 o'clock in the evening no one has, the solar garden lighting time is designed to be enough for 6 hours, the community is different, the population is dense, the time needs to be designed longer, generally can be designed for 8-12 hours of lighting time.

3. Installation location layout installed in the park, community, school solar garden lights can not be free to choose the installation location, after all, he is relying on solar power lighting, choose the installation location to be installed in the sun, no large trees or tall buildings, The place where the daylighting time is long, so that the solar garden light can be illuminated for a long time.

4. Rainy weather design When designing solar garden lights, full consideration should be given to the rainy weather conditions. In the cloudy battery, there should be extra backup power to provide lighting. The number of spare days can be selected according to the installation location. It can be a day, that is normal lighting with at least 3 days of rainy nights.

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