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Look for clues to the chain of corrupt interests from the blind streetlights

The development of the street lamp industry has always been a concern of the government departments. In the street lamp installation project, the phenomenon of deficit and profit often occurs.

In the past three months, the Hunan Xiangxi State Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision has found nearly 200 “corruption interest chain” clues in nearly 600 solar street lighting projects. The interviews, interviews, and investigations have included many county-level leading cadres. More than 400 public officials and engineering contractors.

More than 2,000 street lamps are not lit, involving more than 400 public officials and contractors. Such corruption cases can be said to be shocking. Although those who violate the law and discipline are ultimately unable to evade the severe punishment of the party and state laws, they have serious adverse effects among the people. It also sounded the alarm for strengthening the supervision and supervision of public officials. After all, it is necessary to urge public officials to abide by the rules and discipline, and severely punish their violations of discipline and discipline. They cannot rely solely on petitions and reports and approvals from higher authorities. If they do not play the initiative and initiative of local functional departments to supervise the full coverage of zero tolerance, it will be difficult to eliminate violations of public officials. Fortunately and timid.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, with the in-depth advancement of the party strictly under the strict administration of the party, under the strong anti-corruption of "playing tigers and taking flies", the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of party members and cadres at all levels for the government and the administration of the government has been continuously enhanced. The wind and political style continued to improve, and the happiness, sense of acquisition, and security of the people and the party members and cadres continued to increase.

In the face of achievements, we must remain vigilant. We must see that under the heavy anti-corruption of the Party Central Committee, violations of discipline and discipline that have caused blatant damage to the interests of the people and blatant corruption in certain areas and areas have been effectively curbed, but there are still a few daring and guilty. Fortunately, from the stage to the stage, from the open to the concealment, the law still encroaches on the masses of money, embezzles public funds, and even "collectively commits crimes", sheltering each other, trying to "understand the wind", offensive and defensive alliance Cover up and whitewash violations. The case of "solar street lamp corruption" in Xiangxi, Hunan Province, from the cadres at the department level to the general staff, involves many people and a wide range of people. It not only shows that the people's livelihood project is not only a high-incidence area, but also a "collective corruption" project. At the same time, it also revealed that the local functional departments have violated the rules and regulations in the people's livelihood projects, and they also need to take the initiative to increase the investigation and punishment.

solar street lights

The people's livelihood project not only directly affects the production and life of the people, but also more easily affects the image of party members and cadres and even the party and government. To do a good job in the people's livelihood project is not only the responsibility of the party and the government, but also the duty of party members and cadres. It requires not only the party and the government to carefully plan for vigorous investment, but also the need for party members and cadres to work honestly and hard, if the people's livelihood project is regarded as "Tang Tang meat" and "private. "Banks", taking all kinds of means to get rid of the dark, will inevitably make the people's livelihood projects greatly reduced in quality and effect, but also cause serious adverse effects among the people. Just like the above-mentioned case, it was originally to illuminate the "Huiming Lantern" of the masses' lives. It was made into a "blind light" and deceived itself, but it was not the eyes of the masses. It was only a matter of time before the incident occurred.

Vigorously promoting the construction of people's livelihood projects is not only a good thing for the people's livelihood, but also an important link for the close ties between the party and the masses. The party and the government do good things for the people to do things well, not only to let the masses see and feel, but also to let the masses Internally recognized, some Huimin projects that seem to have implemented the project and have done things for the masses are behind the corruption. In fact, they are deceiving themselves, not only eroding the people’s trust in party members and cadres, but also affecting the the image of party and the government among the people.

Under the overall environment of strictly administering the party and severely punishing corruption, a small number of party members and cadres still do not converge and do not accept their hands, and attempt to conceal the truth and cross the sea. In addition to relying on the supervision of the people, it is necessary to give full play to the functional departments. Finding the enthusiasm and initiative of problem-solving problems, only by taking the initiative, can we truly let the full coverage zero tolerance be implemented, in order to allow the disciplinary offenders to be severely punished, so that the public officials can not dare to succumb to form a conscious tacit understanding.

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