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How to protect the lifespan of lithium batteries?

Lithium batteries are generally capable of charging and discharging 300-500 times. It is best to partially discharge the lithium battery instead of completely discharging it, and try to avoid frequent full discharge. Once the battery is off the production line, the clock begins to move. Whether you use it or not, the life of a solar lithium battery is only in the first few years. The decrease in battery capacity is due to an increase in internal resistance due to oxidation (this is the main cause of battery capacity degradation). Finally, the cell resistance will reach a certain point, although the battery is fully charged, the battery will not release the stored charge.

solar lithium battery

The aging speed of a lithium battery is determined by temperature and state of charge. The table below shows the reduction in battery capacity for both parameters.


Charging 40%

Charging 100%


98% capacity after one year

94% capacity after one year


96% capacity after one year

80% capacity after one year


85% capacity after one year

65% capacity after one year


75% capacity after one year

60% capacity after one year

It can be seen that the high state of charge and the increased temperature accelerate the decrease in battery capacity.

If possible, try to charge the battery to 40% in a cool place. This allows the battery's own protection circuit to operate for a long period of time. If the battery is placed at a high temperature after being fully charged, it will cause great damage to the battery.

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