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How to protect solar led street lamp from theft ?

As is known to all, integrated solar street light that are often installed outdoors are not subject to anti-theft arrangements due to negligence in engineering construction, resulting in solar street lamps and solar panels being often stolen. In this case, not only will the normal lighting of the street lamps be affected, but more serious will involve Loss to property. Then. How can we avoid this kind of theft phenomenon and give you the solar street lamp anti-theft method:

outdoor solar street lamps

1 It can be chosen as all in one design, that means lamp, solar panel, battery and controller are integrated. Not only easy to install, but also parts are not easy to be disassembled and to avoid theft.

2 The cost of solar street lamps is higher than that of traditional streetlights, and the skills in anti-theft and stability are not sophisticated enough. They should be selected in public places in the city or in safer places, and are not easy to install in suburban areas.

3 Pay attention to the safety monitoring of solar street lamps, and set up a monitoring system or device alarm system in a simple stolen place, so as to timely understand the use status of solar street lamps and effectively handle them.

4 Selecting the control box and other materials of the outdoor solar street lamps that meet the specifications and quality, together with the requirements of the device for the consolidation of the device during the installation process, to ensure the consolidation of the solar street lamp, and to a certain extent also play the role of anti-theft.

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