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How to determine the price of solar street lights

Solar road lighting device is a lighting device that uses solar energy as an energy source. It integrates two cutting-edge technologies of solar power generation technology and LED lighting technology. It truly achieves “zero carbon zero emission”, and the whole set of equipment is easy to install without laying ground cables. It does not consume conventional electric energy. It can be installed on site and has low installation cost as long as it is sunny. It is an outstanding representative of new energy in the application field, and is also the main development target of secondary roads and urban road lighting. It is also the main application target of new rural areas. It is widely used in rural and tourist roads, urban and rural areas combined with highways, campus roads, factory roads, residential courtyards and other places that require lighting.

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The solar street light is mainly divided into five parts, a solar panel (power generation device), a battery (electrical device), a led light source (lighting device), a solar street light controller (control device device), and a light pole (support device). During the day, the solar panel converts the light energy into electrical energy and stores it in the battery through the controller system. At night, the control system allows the electric energy in the battery to be supplied to the electric appliance, that is, the LED light source power, to achieve the lighting effect. It is wise to choose solar streetlights from environmental protection or long-term benefits.

The full set price of solar street lamps varies according to the configuration. The price ranges from 999 yuan to 10,000 yuan. The power is from 20w to 100w. The poles range from 3 meters to 20 meters. The lighting time ranges from 1 hour to 12 hours. You can choose from hours. The specific price of solar street lamps is related to the configuration of solar street lamps. The main price of solar street lamps consisting of solar panels, batteries, LED light sources, controllers, light poles and some auxiliary accessories is also the sum of their selling prices. Customers need to provide the width of the road, whether to use single-arm or double-arm street lamps, the interval between the poles, what brightness to reach; how high the light pole, how much power light source, bright for several hours every day, how many rainy days to meet According to this information, you can choose different configurations and solutions, and the different prices will be different.

The solar street lamp complies with the national energy and environmental protection policy, cleans renewable energy, does not consume conventional electric energy, does not require electricity, does not need to lay cables, has low maintenance cost, low installation period, long service life, high independent power supply safety performance, low installation cost, etc. The market circuit lights are affected by power supply, have high electricity consumption costs every year, need to dig trench wiring, frequent equipment replacement, high management and maintenance costs, high installation cost, and long installation time. After one-time investment in construction costs equivalent to conventional street lamps, it is possible to provide stable and reliable lighting with inexhaustible solar energy once and for all, with obvious economic benefits.

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