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How to determine the height of the solar street light pole?

In everyone's life, solar street lights are a relatively common outdoor lighting product;  Power saving, easy installation, and no requirement for the environment are the advantages of solar street lights; So what do we need to determine the installation height of the solar street light?

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First we need to decide according to the width of the road at the scene;

Secondly, there are unobstructed objects or strong light sources near the installed roads; After the height is designed, it is equipped with a normal LED light source according to the height; Then, according to the user's daily lighting needs and the requirements of the rainy days, the solar panels and batteries are matched.

Let me talk about some basic requirements for the light pole.

Light pole technical requirements:

1. The street lamp acceptance criteria in line with the current national regulations.

2.The inner and outer surfaces of the lamp post are sprayed with hot-dip galvanizing anti-corrosion treatment. The color is based on the effect picture. The surface is smooth, no discoloration, no needle hole, no sag, no peeling, etc.; galvanized thickness is not less than 85 microns. The spray thickness is not less than 100 microns.

3.Support rods and crosspieces are high-quality low-carbon steel, with no obvious marks such as depressions, and are hot-dip galvanized and spray-coated like the main rod.

4. The flange plate adopts plasma cutting and forming, the periphery is smooth and clean, no burr, the appearance is beautiful, and the hole position is accurate.

5. The electrical door is plasma-cut, the size is accurate, the surface is smooth and flat, and the anti-theft device and grounding device are welded.

6. The quality of copper core terminal blocks has reached the national electrical industry standard.

7. The street lamp design wind speed is greater than 35 m / s, and the earthquake resistance is greater than 8 to ensure that the whole street lamp works normally in bad weather conditions.

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