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Economic benefits of solar street lights

Zheng Zhihua once sang such a song: "The stars light up my door, let the lost children find the way to come; the stars light up my future, warm the child's heart with a little light ̇ ̇ ,", in the past The night is coming, the street has no lighting facilities, and the light from the stars is like lighting a light, illuminating the way forward for the people who travel.

At night, all kinds of lights are lingering, and the night is not the night, and the lights are shining like the daytime. Of course, the lights here are not from the stars in the sky, but from the street lamps standing on both sides of the road.

The streetlight is now very close to us, but it rarely pays attention to it until it is suddenly filled with darkness, and everyone pays attention.

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Today we are talking about street lamps and talking about the most used solar street lights around us.

When we were young, we often saw this sentence in textbooks. "Our clothes and food are inseparable from the sun, and the sun gives us light and heat." This is true, the sun has given people a lot of things, and people are constantly developing and utilizing the sun. Because of the sun, there are many solar water heaters, solar power plants, solar water pumps, solar street lights, and so on.

Solar street lights, as the name suggests, consist of solar energy and lights, and more specifically should consist of three major system components: battery board, battery, and controller. In contrast, the system composition of solar street lights is much more complicated. The main light source used for solar street lamps is LED, DC energy-saving lamps, DC gas discharge lamps and electrodeless lamps.

In the past, taking the western power resources scarce area as an example, most rural power supply users are far away from the power grid, and the residents are scattered, while the construction cost of high-voltage power transmission is 10-13 thousand yuan per kilometer, which leads to high cost of erecting power supply lines. The power supply of the power grid is mainly used to meet the living and production electricity consumption of rural residents, the most important of which is lighting, small household appliances, and agricultural irrigation. For the public facilities such as road lighting, with or without, with the maturity of solar photovoltaic power generation technology, solar photovoltaic power generation in many places is regarded as the best way to solve the problem of rural power generation.

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