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Current problems with solar LED lamps

Current problems with solar LED lamps

(1) At present, the main problem of solar LED lamps is that the heat dissipation problem is not solved well, such as the integrated design based on the metal casing, the auxiliary heat dissipation device such as the fan and the heat pipe, and the effective dust prevention (the dust will greatly hinder the heat dissipation), etc. The luminous efficiency is degraded, and the light decay problem is more serious or even invalid.

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(2) LED is also a point source in lighting applications. Its optical design, including the design of primary lens or reflector and secondary optics design, is a major application difficulty.

(3) LED light source itself has low luminous efficacy. At present, the top level of high-power LED light efficiency in the industry is 80lm/W, which is lower than the widely used high-pressure sodium lighting effect.

(4) The constant current driving power supply required by LED is a cornerstone to ensure its normal operation. The simple switching power supply scheme often brings damage to LED devices. Therefore, the further promotion of LED street lamps depends on the maturity of the overall solutions in light, heat and electricity.

(5) The cost of a single lamp is too high. An imported 1W-3W LED is about $3, and more than 10 pieces are made in China (poor quality, no intellectual property rights). A 90-LED LED is added to the solar cell. Components, controllers, batteries and light poles are much more expensive than the current high-pressure sodium street lamps, making it difficult to popularize solar LED street lights.

(6) The battery life is too short, the service life of solar panels is more than 25 years, but the service life of ordinary batteries is 2-3 years, so the battery is the weakest link in the solar power system. The storage capacitor can solve this problem to a certain extent, but the expensive price limits its application, and is currently only applied to some traffic lights and decorative lights. As the level of technology increases and the price of the product drops, it will be the most promising energy storage component for solar cells.

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