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Choose MPPT or PWM for solar street light controller is better ?

MPPT is high charging efficiency than PWM ,more than 10%-30% , but cost is higher.

PWM controller is using fixed solar panel voltage .

When you charge 12V battery,the working voltage must be 17.5V.

MPPT controller is more flexible.

So when you choose MPPT or PWM controller,which one is better ? You need to consider voltage,power of solar panel and voltage of battery and cost of controller.

Normally the reason of solar street lights is not working and solution

1、Damage components

(1) LED light chip

(2) solar panel controller

(3) Battery

(4) Solar panel


(1)、You can check all the cables of light,all are normal or not.

(2)、Remove the LED light source,connect it to the battery or DC12v driver,check the light is working normally or not.Pay attention to the positive and negative poles.If you can’t turn on the light,it means the LED light is faulty,need to replace the LED light,if you can trun on the light,it means the controller or battery is faulty.

(3)、Test battery of power supply,if it’s below 11V,it means controller is under protection status, you can use it after fully charge.If it’s over 11V ,it means controller is not working,need to change controller.

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