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Benefits of Solar LED Street Light

01. Energy-saving, eco-friendly, money saving
Global awareness of becoming more resource efficient and eco-friendly has taken hold, and it grows stronger every day. Compared with traditional street lighting, solar street lighting uses solar energy-completely renewable with no consumption of fossil-or any type of-fuel, which realizes environmental protection in a real sense. With no need for paying ongoing electricity charges, it saves great fortune in a long run.

02. Without cable-laying work or complicated power facilities
Commercial power lighting project is a complicate procedure, involving foundation work of cables ditch digging, cable pipe laying, cable threading inside pipes and ditch landfill, requires lots of labors. The transformer, distribution cabinet, switch board also cost a lot. However, the solar lighting easily avoids all of these. Each lighting system is an independent individual, no need of cables laying and electric equipment, realize labor-saving and cost-saving.

03. No connection weaknesses
Traditional electricity means an extremely high level of integration—cable connections mean that problems in one area affect the other; single problem might even affect the whole power supply system! But this will never happen with solar lighting, as each is an independent power generating system.

04. No cable costs, no cable theft
For remote areas which can’t be covered by city power, the cost of laying cables and installing electricity is extremely high. In addition, cable theft might occurs, causing the whole power supply going down.

A solar lighting system completely removes these concerns. Each lamp is independent and free from any cable connection. With no cable to steal, if any solar-related theft does show up, it would not affect the operation of other units in the system,reducing the potential losses to a minimum.

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